Each bag usually contains at least two types of clubs. The most common irony is when the player usually wears around ten. The second is used for long strokes and is more difficult for beginners. It is recommended to learn how to use it from the very beginning and master the appropriate striking techniques for this club. This is what basic golf sets should look like.

Types of clubs

The standard set has 14 pieces, a set of 5-6 basic types is also suitable for beginners. If you are a beginner player, buying a used one is a great idea, because new ones can be expensive, and for beginners, second-hand ones can only be fitter.

But when choosing, be sure to pay attention to whether it suits you, how it is held in your hand and whether the length is suitable, if you neglect all this, then it may not be the best experience.

A set of golf clubs – the disadvantages of buying

Sticks usually come with standard length sticks, i.e. designed for people 175-185 cm tall. This means that if you are taller or shorter, they most likely will not fit you perfectly, and this may significantly impair your results in a game.

You may also find that other, less standard models are more suited to your gaming equipment. Then part of the golf kit will—simply not be used.

What are the pros of golf sets?

Price! Golf sets are simply cheaper. It can be a good choice in two cases. First, if you prefer to have your clubs, but play amateur and seldom. In such a situation, you may not spend additional funds. Secondly, if you still don’t know which clubs can suit you best and whether golf will become your passion. Then you might consider buying a selection.

Are golf clubs included, or maybe individual pieces?

In many cases, less is more. A quality club, tailored to your needs, can be the best learning aid to help you improve your shooting technique. It may turn out that one item from a professional brand will cost as much as a cheap set for amateurs.

It is also worth considering that a selection is recommended in the context of children. They usually grow out of such things quickly, so a cheaper selection is sometimes the best solution. In their case, it is worth paying attention to quality. First, it must be made correctly so that the player learns how to hit correctly from the beginning of his adventure in this sport.