Everyone who is on the territory of a particular golf club must respect the requirements for appearance. Clothes should have a neat and tidy appearance, without excesses and aggressive notes. Presentation and good taste are valued by club management.

Each individual club sets its own standards.

Closed institutions can dictate not only the type of outfit but also put their own stamps on the color and even affect the length of socks for men and the neckline of blouses for women. However, as far as democratic and open meetings are concerned, in this case, one should not be surprised at a player in jeans or shorts of arbitrary length.

Standards that will ensure comfortable and enjoyable leisure time in many golf clubs:

Cleanliness and tidiness of sportswear. The basic components of a golf suit for men are a polo shirt (both long and short sleeves are welcome), plus well-tailored pants or knee-length shorts. A woman’s wardrobe should include shirts, both with and without sleeves; trousers or shorts slightly above the knees. In the strong summer heat, a skirt is allowed.

Specialized shoes. You can go out on the golf course only in special shoes with corrugated soles with spikes. In the case of shorts, special attention should be paid to socks. The best option is white socks that are knee-high or slightly above the ankle.

Belt. Belt loops must be present, as well as a leather belt. It is an element of classical style.

A hat is the best protection from the scorching sun. Preference is given to a visor cap, baseball cap, or wide hat. Do not forget about sunglasses in sunny hot weather. Be prepared for changing weather conditions. In case of rain, you should purchase a raincoat with a comfortable fit.

“Bad tone” in golf

Many clubs say no to denim. Style in denim falls into the ban, regardless of color.

Pants in camouflage style with many pockets are also not welcome.

T-shirts, swimwear, tops, and T-shirts are not desirable.

It is not acceptable to wear a baseball cap backward. It is customary to shoot in the club.

You should change your uniform only in the locker room, and not near the car.

If you know how to properly dress for golf, it’s very easy. Just choose different options, and mix and match different options to find out what works best for you, your body shape, and your particular golf club.