Every year, this game becomes more and more popular and accessible, because it is not only an elite sport but also, first of all, a game of gentlemen who dress accordingly and behave accordingly on the green lawn. During the tournament, forget about your mobile phone, excessive emotionality, and profanity for a few hours.

The distance of the game is 18 holes, each of which must be completed in as few strokes as possible. The game begins in the tee zone – the starting box for the first shot at the ball. The ball is hit from a unique “tee” stand.

Why does a 45-gram ball have a cratered  surface? Thanks to this shape, the projectile ball is better aerodynamically equipped and flies fast and far. And the distance to the protected hole can sometimes reach up to half a kilometer.

The landscape of the course is littered with all kinds of obstacles and traps. And here, except for cleverness, you will also need luck and, a change of clothes. Pushing, shoving, or hooking the ball is prohibited.

If you still managed all the obstacles and got the appropriate green (the green zone with the most mowed grass, where your goal is actually located), make a final graceful shot and go to the next flag. At first glance, there is nothing complicated about golf.

But it is only near the TV screens that playing the game seems like a child’s pastime, an interesting quest in the company of picturesque landscapes.

When should you play?

Golf should always be played in daylight unless the course is equipped with floodlights. Usually, the game starts in the morning, because the game can be long and you always need to have about two hours to spare to discuss the practice with your friends after the game.

Game injuries

Injuries in this game are not uncommon, especially among beginners who skimped on their first lessons with a coach. Various dislocations are common injuries. “Tennis elbow” is a common injury in golfers, although it originates from tennis.

During the game, with incorrect technique, you can damage your back. Sharp twists of the spine, were never helpful. To prevent injuries, you need to warm up well before training, then you will reduce the risks.

Is golf a sport for the rich?

Perhaps the main stumbling block on the road to the game is the stereotype that only wealthy people can play it. Like, even if you have average wealth, and don’t try to approach clubs, otherwise you’ll have to eat junk food for a month and ride the trolley to work.

This stereotype is really deeply “rooted” in society. But this myth has been successfully debunked for several years now. That is, lessons with a coach and all the equipment provided at the location, a place on the course, and in the training area are included in the price of the club subscription. The cost of participation in organized tournaments is always minimal.

Therefore, the opinion that it is an expensive sport is not entirely justified. As in all sports, after the familiarization period, you need to buy your own equipment, uniform, and accessories – but this is optional. It is safe to say that in most countries, golf at the amateur level is affordable for people with average wealth.

Kids Golf: How It Works

If you want to get your child involved in sports, but are concerned about their health, then golf is the way to go. It is fun and useful: one field produces oxygen for 18 thousand people at the required rate of human consumption of 750 grams per day. Playing golf requires 18 holes. So your child will spend at least 4 hours in the fresh air.

Your children can play from an early age. The children’s golf school accepts children from the age of 4. But you know, it is a sport where there is no age limit. Some become golfers even at the age of 65 and achieve incredible results, and most importantly, improve their health.