There is nothing more rewarding and natural than walking outdoors. When playing golf, you cover about 12 kilometers in five hours. Golf can be played by people of all fitness levels. This is one of the least traumatic sports, a great warm-up for the joints of the arms and legs due to the movement of the stick. The game has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.

In order to play well, you must concentrate as much as possible on the game and on the ball. Count strikes, and meters, choose a stick, follow the rules, follow the game of players in flight, smile, and keep up small talk. And so for five hours in a row.

Believe me, after such a game you will have a completely “clean head”, in which there will be no place for worries and sorrows. You will sleep like a log after the game – it has been tested many times on yourself.

A good way to networking

Playing golf gives you the opportunity to make acquaintances and friends around the world. Our club has 600 members. These are doctors, lawyers, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs. And all of them can become your good friends.

While playing, you live a small life with your partners on a flight in five hours. You share moments of glory, recession, crisis, and recovery with each other.

Together you observe who has the most luck in flight, and who today, by the will of fate (or the god), has become a chronic loser. You help your partners look for the ball, and they help you, you cheer each other up when you don’t have enough strength to go two more steps, and there are two most important last holes ahead, and share food, water, balls – just like on war.

Friendships are formed. All members know everything about everyone, they try to help and support each other.

You can play anytime

No matter how you describe the game of golf, nothing can convey all the emotions that a golfer experiences on the field and hitting the ball. In order to try golf, you will not need to choose some special time, you can do this game whenever you like, as long as it is light outside.

Having tried to play golf for the first time, some immediately lose their heads, and some tedious time understanding all the juice of golf. Golf is wonderful views, fresh air, the great company of decent people, and much more.