Where To Get Golf Clubs Repaired In Nashvilletn?

Where To Get Golf Clubs Repaired In Nashvilletn?

How much does it cost to repair golf clubs?

Club Repair Pricing

Grip Installation $5.00 per club (for grips not purchased at Austad’s Golf )
Loft/Lie Adjustment $5.00 per club
Reshaft Club $20.00 (plus cost of shaft)
Steel Club Shaft $25.00 per shaft


Where can I get my golf club shaft replaced?

Shafts can be replaced at golf pro shops and most golf stores, but it is also a fairly easy project to do yourself. Replacing your own shaft can save time and money, and allow you to try a new shaft without purchasing new clubs.

Where can I get fitted for golf clubs in Nashville?

Nashville Golf Lessons, Instruction & Golf Club Fitting

  • Cool Springs. 615 Bakers Bridge Rd. Suite 125. Franklin, TN 37067. (615) 472-9175.
  • Nashville West. 6800 Charlotte Pike Suite 104. Nashville, TN 37209. (615) 696-6690.
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Do American golf do club repairs?

We stock a wide range of top quality grips from Gold Pride and Eaton and can often supply branded replacements that match the orginal grips fitted to your club. Our fitting service is available in store and wherever possible we’ll do it while you wait.

What is the best way to clean golf clubs?

Mix warm water and 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid or soap into a bowl or a bucket (depending on how many clubs you need to clean ). Dip your soft-bristle brush or toothbrush into the mixture and carefully scrub your club head, making sure that it doesn’t get too wet.

How much does it cost to Reshaft clubs?

How much does it cost to reshaft irons? Reshafting a golf club will cost you $50 to $250. This price depends on the type of shaft you choose, the labor charges, and the other fees charged by the repair company. The cost of reshafting includes the cost of the shaft, the labor charges, and some additional costs pile up.

How long does it take to Reshaft a golf club?

It takes 24 hours to reshaft a golf driver. If you use an epoxy such as the Tour epoxy, you can get done with the reshafting process really fast and your driver will be ready to use in about half an hour.

How much does it cost to put new grips on golf clubs?

How much will it cost to regrip my clubs? Expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $130 for your entire set of clubs, depending on the grip you choose. How can I make grips last longer? Golf grips get a great deal of physical abuse.

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How much does club champion cost?

A full bag fitting runs $350 and lasts about 3.5 hours. Driver or iron fittings are $150 (1.5 hrs), long game fittings (driver, fairway woods, hybrids) $200 (2.5 hrs), wedge fittings are $80 (1 hr), and putter fittings are $100 (1 hr).

How good is Golftec?

Overall, GOLFTEC says its students average a seven stroke improvement, and they claim a 96% success rate. With this, the GOLFTEC instructor can measure exactly what your body is doing at different points of the swing. On each swing, I could not only see the video of what I had done, but also data.

Does Ping replace broken clubs?

Club Repair Visit your local PING Authorized Retailer to set up a repair order. To find your closest PING Authorized Retailer, please visit Retailers and Fitters. Fill out the PING Club Repair Form.

How much does it cost to change the lie angle of a golf club?

And if you’re adjusting the lie angle, it’s possible you could be making a good swing and getting penalized because your specs are off. Getting the loft and lie angle checked is going to run you anywhere from $2-$5 per club, depending on the amount of work needed.

How much does it cost to replace iron shafts?

If you need a new graphite shaft in your iron, you could be looking at spending anywhere from $40-$100 just for the shaft. Steel, on the other hand, is much more affordable. Depending on the type of steel shaft and the specifications, you are looking at something closer to $20-$75 per shaft.

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