What Fairway Woods Golf Clubs Do I Need?

What Fairway Woods Golf Clubs Do I Need?

What fairway woods should I carry?

So Which Fairway Wood?

Degrees of Loft Description and Notes
17 – 18 4 wood. Safer than a 3 wood, longer than a 5
18 – 19 Strong 5
19 – 21 Easy hitting long wood. Along with the driver, often carried with a 3 wood
23 – 24 Strong 7. Shaft should be a little longer than a regular seven. A good complement to 4 woods.

Do I need a 3 wood or 5 wood?

The 3 wood is a better club for playing from the tee as an alternative to the driver. Whilst the 5 wood can work, it will tend to fly a little higher due to the higher loft and you could give up valuable yards or risk it’s course being altered by any wind. On a long par 3, the 5 wood is perfectly useable.

How do I choose a fairway wood?

Rule No.

  1. Pick a fairway wood with more loft than 15 degrees.
  2. If you want a back-up driver, choose a 15-degree or lower lofted fairway wood with a clubhead size above 200 cc (that information is usually available on a company’s website).
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What degree 3 wood should I get?

The most important factor to consider when choosing the right loft for your 3 – wood is your swing speed. As a general rule, the faster your swing speed, the less loft you will need to launch the ball high. If your swing speed with a 3 – wood is over 100 mph, the loft of your 3 – wood should be between 13-15 degrees.

What is the most forgiving fairway wood?

Most Forgiving Fairway Woods

  • Wilson D9 Fairway Wood.
  • Mizuno ST-Z Fairway Wood.
  • Cobra F-Max Airspeed Fairway Wood.
  • Wilson Staff Launch Pad Fairway Wood.
  • Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway Wood.
  • Mizuno ST200 X Fairway Wood.
  • TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Wood.
  • Honma XP-1 Fairway Wood.

Should I carry a 5 wood or 3 hybrid?

5 Wood: Easier to hit off of the tee The size of the 5 wood compared to a 3 hybrid makes it easier to hit off of a tee. However, if you are often pull driver and don’t see yourself going with a 3 wood or 5 wood than the hybrid might be the better option.

Why do I hit my 5 wood farther than my 3-wood?

Players who hit their 3 – or 5 – wood as far or longer than their driver are typically using too little loft with the driver for their clubhead speed. You know, it’s a funny thing with the driver and its loft compared to the other clubs in the bag.

How far can you hit a 5 wood?

5 – wood: 105-210 yards The 5 – wood is often used on a follow-up to the tee shot.

Why do I hit my 3-wood better than my driver?

A three – wood imparts significantly more backspin, which will help with accuracy most of the time, and it also helps with workability control. The ball is teed much closer to the ground with a three – wood, so the variability of turf interaction does come into play.

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What is the best fairway wood for a high handicapper?

Best Fairway Woods For High Handicappers

  • Best Overall: TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood.
  • Best Value for Money: TaylorMade Mens RBZ Fairway Wood.
  • Premium Option: Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood.
  • Exceptional Fairway Club for High Handicappers: Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Fairway.

Should I get a 4 wood or 5 wood?

The 4 -hybrid is an excellent option for mid-to-high handicappers to use from way back in the fairway, it provides ample forgiveness and a straighter ball flight than fairway woods. However, according to data from MyGolfSpy, shot with a 4 -hybrid ended an average of 15 yards shorter than those with a 5 – wood.

What fairway wood is the easiest to hit?

The Overall #1 Most Forgiving Fairway Wood: Callaway Rogue

  • Jailbreak technology for faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness across the face.
  • Ultra thin club face for faster speeds.
  • Internal Standing Wave: fancy talk for a low and forward COG –> less spin, higher launch angles –> easier to hit.

Do I need to carry a 3 wood?

Does Every Player Need To Carry A 3 Wood. Because a 3 wood has less loft than other golf clubs on the market, it can be more challenging to hit. This means that not every golfer should have a 3 wood in their bag. A low lofted club that people try to hit from a thin lie can result in a very poor shot.

Why is a 3 wood so hard to hit?

Lower center of gravity in a club launches the ball higher and spins the ball more, while higher center of gravity launches the ball lower and spins the ball less. A 3 – wood has the deepest face of the fairway woods, hence a higher center of gravity, which again makes it difficult to get the ball in the air.

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Does a 5 wood replace a 3-iron?

As a rough rule of thumb, a 4 wood would replace a 2- iron, a 5 wood the 3 – iron, a 7 wood the 4- iron and a 9 wood the 5 iron.

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