What Does Xtd Stand For On Adams Golf Clubs?

What Does Xtd Stand For On Adams Golf Clubs?

Are Adams XTD irons good?

They are long, accurate and easy. While some feel they aren’t the best looking irons, these irons will make you feel really good about your game. Everyone likes to hit it longer, more accurately and do it with ease. If you want to own the second shot in your game, the XTD irons are impressive.

When did Adams XTD irons come out?

Adams Golf has introduced a new range of Adams XTD irons, which feature the brand’s patented Cut-Thru velocity slots and the golf industry’s first-ever cross-cavity design.

Is the Adams XTD driver forgiving?

If you hit a lot of drives, as Johnny Miller would say, “a groove low,” this driver is for you. The XTD is long, forgiving and adjustable enough to fit the caprice of your own swing.

Are Adams irons good?

adams clubs are very underrated. Many ppl associate them with lower end equipment but they are becomming more popular. Their hybrids are very popular their woods and drivers arent half bad and their irons are good as well.

Is Adams golf clubs out of business?

The company produced golf equipment (more specifically clubs ). In 2012 it was acquired by TaylorMade (owned by Adidas), becoming one of its brands. Adams Golf.

Type Private
Defunct 2012
Fate Acquired by TaylorMade in 2012, becoming a brand of the Adidas Group
Headquarters Plano, Texas ( Closed ), U.S.
Area served Worldwide
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What is the best Adams hybrid?

The Adams Golf IDEA A7 OS Hybrid is the the absolute best game improvement hybrid Adams has ever made. You’ll see increased distance, improved launch conditions and easy-to-hit playability.

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