Readers ask: Where To Buy Mizuno Golf Clubs?

Readers ask: Where To Buy Mizuno Golf Clubs?

Where can I get fitted for Mizuno irons?

As Recognized by Mizuno If you are looking to purchase Mizuno golf clubs, GOLFTEC offers Custom Club Fitting at most locations. All Mizuno clubs sold at GOLFTEC are custom fit at prices that match other retailers.

Can you order clubs directly from Mizuno?

Custom Fit Mizuno Golf Clubs come delivered straight to your door. Mizuno has long been known for their irons, but we also carry their full line of golf clubs including Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Wedges. We offer all available custom option, so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Are Mizuno irons the best?

Although Mizuno is best known for producing classic, players’ irons, offering superb levels of feel and workability, they also produce models to suit golfers with higher handicaps – irons delivering impressive distance and also offering high levels of forgiveness.

Can you buy individual Mizuno irons?

Mizuno Single, Individual, Add-on and Replacement Golf Irons | Ironfinder.

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Is GolfTEC club fitting worth it?

Visitors to GolfTEC may come for just one of their offerings – testing or lessons – but many are likely best served by a combination. And given the cost of equipment, the relatively small investment in a fitting at GolfTEC is worth it to ensure that the clubs you buy are appropriate for your game.

What Callaway irons should I buy?

Best Callaway Irons

  • Callaway Apex Irons.
  • Callaway Apex Pro Irons.
  • Callaway Apex MB Irons.
  • Callaway Mavrik Irons.
  • Callaway Mavrik Max Irons.
  • Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons.
  • Callaway Epic Forged Irons.
  • Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons.

Where does Mizuno ship from?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Belgium. We strive to pack and ship your order as soon as possible.

Does Mizuno charge for shaft upgrades?

Mizuno do not currently charge for a custom built set – for either labour or custom components ( shafts / grips). With so many new shafts coming onto the market, there will be an option that did not exist the last time you had a fitting. We always recommend spending the time for a new fitting with every order.

How long does it take to get clubs from Mizuno?

However, you should know that a custom set of irons from Mizuno has a faster ship time than any other brand in the industry. On average, it takes 7 days for a custom ordered set of Mizuno irons to be assembled and arrive back to us.

Is Mizuno golf clubs a good brand?

If you have enough skill to play with blade-style irons, the Mizuno MP-20 irons are a good value and accommodating of all handicaps. Mizuno has long been one of the leading manufacturers of blade-style irons, which give experienced players the feel and control they need from their irons.

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Are Mizuno irons hard to hit?

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons More often than not long irons can be very hard to hit consistently solid and out of the middle of the clubface on a regular basis.

Why are Mizuno irons so expensive?

The reason mizuno Irons are so appreciated is because they are forged similarly to a super expensive set of irons, like Miura. These sets can cost upwards of $1,400.

Are Mizuno JPX 921 Tour irons blades?

The 2020 JPX 921 Tour irons from Mizuno are excellent player or low handicap clubs that play easier than any blades you will ever hit. But still require you to bring your own distance, as well as skill and discipline.

Does Mizuno make a 2 iron?

Mizuno 2 iron MP-20.

Does golf town sell individual irons?

Golf Irons. Iron Sets, Heads & Single Length. Golf Town.

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