Readers ask: What Is Flex For Golf Clubs?

Readers ask: What Is Flex For Golf Clubs?

What flex golf club should I use?

– Golf Shaft Flex Chart

Carry Distance Swing Speed Flex
Under 200 yards Under 75 mph Ladies or Senior
200 to 240 yards 75 to 95 mph Regular
240 to 275 yards 95 to 110 mph Stiff
Over 275 yards Over 110 mph Stiff or Extra Stiff

What is the difference between flex in golf clubs?

The flex in a golf shaft affects the distance, accuracy and trajectory of your golf shot. Generally, the faster your club speed, the stiffer the shaft, but use care when selecting a flex. If you are not certain or in between flexes, it is better to select a softer flex than a stiffer one.

Should I get stiff or regular flex?

If you have a slower swing speed, you are probably going to want to choose regular shafted clubs because the additional flex will provide a little more power and accuracy. When you swing harder, the stiff flex will be more controlled and give you the punch you need to hit better shots.

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Does Golf Club Flex matter?

When we look at the individuals, we see that accuracy is a matter of fit. Some players were most accurate with regular flex, others with stiff, and some with x-stiff. This myth is a personal “favorite” of mine, having heard it from countless golfers when I worked retail. I am happy to say that it’s busted.

What flex should a beginner golfer have?

As you can imagine, the faster your swing the more the shaft of the club is going to flex, so to help control the swing, if you have a fast swing speed you should always opt for clubs with a stiff flex. The most common faux pas I see beginner golfers make, is choosing a shaft flex that’s too stiff for their game.

Should I use senior flex golf clubs?

If you are hitting your driver 180-200 yards, then you need a senior golf shaft. If you hit your driver 200-240 yards, the regular is going to be a better choice. If you can’t hit your seven iron more than 135 yards, the senior flex shaft is going to be the way to go.

How do I know what flex shaft I need?

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Take a look at the distance you hit your driver.
  2. If you have a very smooth swing, you might benefit from a softer flex even if you swing fast.
  3. If your drives go left, you might benefit from a stiffer flex; if your drives go right, you might benefit from a softer flex.

Is Stiff flex good for beginners?

Beginners may acquire clubs from friends or family and not consider the flex of their shafts. Shaft options include senior, ladies, regular, firm, stiff, x- stiff. Length – shafts can be cut different lengths – for most beginners, standard length is fine, unless you are an abnormal height.

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Who should use senior flex golf clubs?

Senior flex shafts are appropriate for golfers who swing between 75 and 90 mph and carry a driver about 180 to 200 yards. Regular flex shafts are designed for golfers who swing 90 to 100 mph and carry a driver about 200 to 240 yards.

What happens if golf shaft is too flexible?

When a golf shaft is too flexible, you will not be able to hit the ball straight. You will also end up losing a bit of distance. When a golf shaft is too flexible, it isn’t easy to control the clubface and get it to square up at impact.

Will a regular flex shaft cause a slice?

of course a slice can be caused by a variety of other problems (weak grip, open face, ball too far forward, in and out swing plane, etc.), but if you can hit a regular shaft straight and your swing speed isn’t overly fast, your slice could easily be a result of the stiff shaft.

Who should use regular flex shafts?

When to Use a Regular Flex Shaft The amount of flex in a player’s shafts should be proportional to his swing tempo and speed, according to Kramer. Thomas suggests golfers with a swing speed of 80 to 95 mph typically are the best candidates for regular flex shafts.

What is the best driver for a 90 mph swing speed?

The Callaway Rogue Driver has some very fast ball speeds and long distance. This club is a perfect fit for a player with a 90 – MPH swing speed. The Rogue driver was designed and developed with the help of Boeing to make it one of the fastest drivers ever to hit the market.

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Does Flex matter on Irons?

According to MyGolfSpy, weight and torque may be more important than shaft flex when it comes to the performance of your clubs. If you think about it, the heavier a club is, the harder it will be to swing it fast and therefore the more flex you will need.

Are expensive golf shafts worth it?

The expensive shaft gave me a slightly higher ball flight, a little bit more spin, and all that resulted in about 5 yards of extra distance. Obviously, if you’re competing in tournaments you’ll need all the help you can get and it might be worth it for you.

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