Readers ask: How To Identify Genuine Callaway Golf Clubs?

Readers ask: How To Identify Genuine Callaway Golf Clubs?

How do I know if my Callaway clubs are real?

If you tap a metal object, such as a key or coin, on the section of the head that is supposed to be carbon composite, and it makes a pinging sound, the club is likely counterfeit. A much softer sound will result from tapping a metal object against the composite crown of an authentic head.

Do all Callaway Golf clubs have serial numbers?

The serial number is located on the heel of the club. All drivers have serial numbers, but the only fairway woods that have them are the 3-woods.

How do you find the serial number on a golf club?

The serial numbers can be found etched into the back of the hosel on drivers, fairways, and rescue clubs. For iron sets, the serial number can be found on the 5- iron (or the 7- iron for newer product), and neither wedges nor putters will have a serial number.

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Are Callaway clubs made in China?

Callaway is an American brand, which most people have thought is included as part of what golf clubs are made in America. While its management and artisans are mostly American, the components of their golf clubs are all produced in China.

Are fake golf clubs any good?

There’s a reason counterfeit clubs are cheap. They’re probably not very good at being golf clubs. We’re all for taking risks on the golf course, but it’s probably worth playing it safe when it comes to investing in new gear this year.

Is Amazon an authorized Callaway dealer?

Yes it is. We are an authorized Callaway retailer with 88 retail stores.

How do I know if my Taylormade club is TOUR issue?

The only way to tell a “ tour head” from a retail head is to look at the driver’s serial number (pictured above). They always start with the letter “T,” which denotes that they were made especially for tour players.

How can you tell if a Titleist AP3 irons are fake?

The “ AP3 ” is stamped higher on the club, just a bit closer in the direction of the sole on the fake club. The club number on the sole is very close, but there are subtle differences that you can see when you compare it to the real thing. The number is a little thicker and smaller.

How can you tell if Mizuno irons are fake?

The fake is on the left, you can see the grooves are not as precise as the real head and the face is all the same colour on the fake. Another sign is the serial number and the easiest one to check. Each Mizuno club has a serial number etched onto the hosel.

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How do you tell what year my golf clubs are?

Contact the Ping Consumer Relations Department by phone at (800) 474-6434 or through an online contact form available on the company’s website. Provide the serial number to the representative, who will be able to find the manufacturing date and any other specifics regarding the club.

Is Quick Ship Golf legit?

Well-known member. BigDaddyPing said: Never ever buy from Quick Ship Golf. Not only are they infamous for selling with the use of fake buyers and some believe they use computer bots to hike up bids for themselves and their other Alabama warehouse partners (research this yourself).

Are Wilson golf clubs made in China?

It’s a fair bet that most of what Amer sells – including Wilson golf equipment (and nearly all golf equipment, for that matter) – is manufactured to some degree in China already.

Is TaylorMade made in China?

Headquarters and Manufacturing Location Now, we’re back to our main question: where are TaylorMade golf clubs made? According to their website, they are based in Carlsbad, California, United States. There, you’ll see that the club parts were made in China, and then overall clubs are assembled in the US.

Who is Callaway owned by?

Callway markets its products in more than 70 countries worldwide. The American company, based in Carlsbad, California, is the world’s largest manufacturer of golf clubs. Callaway Golf Company.

Type Public
Founded 1982
Founder Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.
Headquarters Carlsbad, California, U.S.
Area served Worldwide


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