Quick Answer: Who Makes Lynx Golf Clubs?

Quick Answer: Who Makes Lynx Golf Clubs?

Is Lynx a good golf club brand?

A superb entry level set of irons. Very easy to use, the Lynx Predator Irons offer a high flight with plenty of distance. Simple, classic looks combine with genuine forgiveness to offer a set that any golfer would enjoy using.

Where are Lynx golf clubs manufactured?

About Lynx ® Golf In the UK, it has gained a strong foothold in ‘green grass’ golf accounts – retail operations typically run at golf courses by PGA Professionals – with clubs designed and assembled in the UK at the company’s Weybridge, Surrey, headquarters.

Do they still make Lynx golf clubs?

Today, Lynx makes clubs for every golfer —men, women and juniors — with sets targeted to every level of player, from game-improvement irons to tour blades.

When did Lynx Golf go out of business?

Lynx died in bankruptcy in 1998, but like Hogan before it, the brand poised to make a North American comeback.

What Lynx clubs did Fred Couples use?

In recent months, Fred Couples of Plano, Texas, has been seen using his driver of choice the past two years, the Lynx Boom Boom, and the new Lynx Black Cat irons in commercials. Lynx pays him a reported $1 million-plus per year. At the Masters, though, Couples used a Callaway Big Bertha driver.

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Who makes Lynx Black Cat clubs?

Lynx have a rich heritage in irons, with both Ernie Els and Fred Couples using them at the peak of their careers in the ’90s. Today, the brand is British owned, and all of the equipment is designed in the UK. Lynx Black Cat Irons Review.

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Is a lynx dangerous?

All lynx fiercely defend themselves when cornered, and although they typically avoid people, they may attack a human if threatened. With its padded, furry claws, the lynx can quietly sneak up on its prey.

How old is Lynx Golf?

Lynx Golf was originally founded in the 1970’s by John Riley Sr and Carl Ross and quickly became an iconic name, still fondly loved by those who used Lynx equipment in the early years and into its heyday in the early 1990s, when it chalked up Major wins at the 1992 Masters and 1994 US Open.

How old is Lynx Golf Company?

— Kevin Woolgar, the head of research and development for Lynx Golf, started with the company in 1978, packing boxes in the warehouse. Now, more than 40 years later, he’s fighting for the brand’s resurgence, one outside-the-box idea at a time.

Is Tommy Armour a good brand?

So, to answer the question, YES, they are very good! I would recommend this specific type, TA1s, to basically anybody. I just got a set of Tommy Armour TA1 irons and I love them. They are long and strong.

When did Golfsmith buy Lynx?

Proprietary Brands In 1998, Golfsmith secured a $30 million private placement with DLJ Investment Partners. The private placement helped fund the acquisitions of Lynx Golf Inc., Black Rock Golf Corp. (maker of Killer Bee golf clubs) and Snake Eyes Golf Clubs Inc. In 2003, the company acquired Zevo Golf.

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Who made Ram clubs?

Regardless, Tommy Armour owns the Ram Golf Clubs Company and is responsible for producing its products.

What does links mean in golf?

A links is the oldest style of golf course, first developed in Scotland. The word ” links ” comes via the Scots language from the Old English word hlinc: “rising ground, ridge” and refers to an area of coastal sand dunes and sometimes to open parkland.

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