Question: Golf Clubs Which Iron To Use?

Question: Golf Clubs Which Iron To Use?

How do I know what golf iron to use?


  1. 2- iron = 105 to 210 yards.
  2. 3- iron = 100 to 205 yards.
  3. 4- iron = 90 to 190 yards.
  4. 5- iron = 80 to 175 yards.
  5. 6- iron = 70 to 165 yards.
  6. 7- iron = 65 to 155 yards.
  7. 8- iron = 60 to 145 yards.
  8. 9- iron = 55 to 135 yards.

Which golf iron is used the most?

Irons are most commonly used when you are less than 200 yards away from the green. Most golf sets include 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. The loft increases with each iron. The closer you are to the green, the higher the iron you should use.

Why do I hit my 5-iron the same distance as my 7-iron?

Having all your clubs go the same distance is a common complaint. His or her club head moves so slow that they may actually hit their wedge further than their 3 wood. The reason being is at least the wedge has loft so the ball will pop up and get some carry.

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What is a 9 iron used for?

What is a 9 Iron Used For? A 9 iron club is used for the same purpose as that of a short iron. It is ideal for hitting short and moderate distance shots with a full swing or a shot that needs high loft. The club is a good choice for approach shots from about 140 yards inside of the pin.

How far should you hit a 7 iron?

How to Know Which Golf Club to Use

Club Men’s Average Distance Women’s Average Distance
4- iron 170 yards 150 yards (consider a hybrid, instead)
5- iron 160 yards 140 yards
6- iron 150 yards 130 yards
7 – iron 140 yards 120 yards


How far should a 2 iron go?

What is the Average 2 Iron Distance? The average distance of a 2 iron golf club is 195 yards (178 meters). The average 2 iron distance depends on multiple parameters such as gender, fitness level, height, swing speed, ball type, player type and hitter type.

Why is the 7 iron so popular?

A 7 iron is a golf club that is classified as a mid- iron and usually ranges between, 29-33 degrees of loft. Because it is towards the middle of the golf bag, the 7 iron can be used to hit a wide variety of golf shots: Going under trees. Golfing over trees.

What’s the easiest golf club to hit?

Drivers which are 460cc and feature a shallow profile are normally the easiest clubs to hit because of the perimeter weighting and deep, low center of gravity. Drivers which are less than 460cc and of a deeper profile tend to be favored by better players because of the increased workability.

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How far should a 9 iron go?

Golf Club Distances Table

7- iron 140 yards 120 yards
8- iron 130 yards 110 yards
9 – iron 120 yards 100 yards
Pitching wedge 110 yards 90 yards


Why do I hit my irons so short?

Poor fundamentals can cause short shots. Failing to complete your follow through or not properly shifting your weight during the swing also can cause iron shots to fall short. A PGA or LPGA professional can spot problems with your swing in one lesson and give you a list of items specific to your swing to work on.

How far does the average golfer hit a driver?

Here’s an interesting fact: While PGA Tour pros hit their drives anywhere from 280 yards to 320 yards on average, and LPGA Tour pros hit their drives from 230 to 270 yards on average, most recreational golfers, according to Golf Digest, average somewhere around 195-205 yards with their drivers.

What is a 10 iron used for in golf?

The pitching wedge is the lowest-lofted club typically called a wedge. It lies on the cusp between the numbered irons and the wedges (in fact it is sometimes labelled the ” 10 – iron “), and is useful for a variety of short shots from firm or semi-soft lies.

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