Often asked: Why Are Golf Clubs Different Lengths?

Often asked: Why Are Golf Clubs Different Lengths?

Should all golf clubs be the same length?

With all the irons being the same length, a golfer can use the exact same setup and exact same swing with every club. The lower-numbered irons in the set should be easier to hit than traditional irons because they have shorter shaft lengths than those counterparts. Shorter clubs are easier to control.

Are golf irons supposed to be different lengths?

The difference in the club length is typically 1” shorter for women’s than men’s because of the height differential. Length may also vary in the same model from steel to graphite, with graphite-shafted irons being potentially ½” longer to create a specific swingweight.

How long should my golf clubs be for my height?

Here you’ll find the standard recommended measurements for golf clubs based on height: Six feet, six inches and taller-add two inches to the standard length of the club. Six feet, five inches-add one and a half inches to the standard length of the club.

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What golfers use same length clubs?

Bryson DeChambeau does things a little differently on the golf course. One of the aspects that sets him apart on tour is the set of one- length irons in his golf bag. Pro Tips spoke with DeChambeau about his decision to use one- length irons.

Can I convert my irons to one length?

If you get “unitized” shafts (parallel-tip shafts all one raw length ), you can tip- and butt-trim each to the desired club length (7 iron, usually). If you want a taper-tip set, you’d need all 7 (or 8, depending on the route you choose) iron shafts and butt-trim them to the same length.

Are DeChambeau’s clubs the same length?

All of his irons are seven iron length (37.5 inches to be exact) to ensure he swings the same with every club and they’re fitted with extremely thick JumboMax grips, the largest grips commercially available.

Do longer clubs go further?

First things first: The shorter the club, the straighter you will hit it and the longer the club, the farther you will hit it. These statements are true but remember as a club gets shorter, you don’t hit it as far and as a club gets longer, you don’t hit it as straight.

Do any pro golfers use single length irons?

That being said the answer is yes. Bobby Jones apparently won the Grand Slam using single length irons. More recently, PGA TOUR winner and Ryder Cup player Bryson DeChambeau used single length irons from Edel Golf to also win the 2015 NCAA Championship and 2015 US Amateur.

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Should I play one length irons?

Should You Use Them? One – length irons allow you to stand to the ball in the same way regardless of the iron you’re using, in theory helping with consistency of strike and club speed. Essentially you can swing the same way regardless of what club you have in your hand.

What happens if golf clubs are too short?

If the club is too long, the player’s posture will be more upright. If it’s too short, the player’s posture will be more bent over. If the club is too long, the player’s swing path will be out-to-in. If the club is too short, the player’s swing path will be in-to-out.

Should you shorten your golf clubs?

Shortening the shaft will make the club shorter but it will also make the shaft stiffer and adjust the swing weight as well. Plus, the more length you remove, the less flex your club will have. Depending on how much you cut it down, it could move a regular flex to a stiff or a stiff to an extra stiff.

What happens if your clubs are too long?

Physically, we reach maximum speed when our arms are “straight.” If a club is too long, prohibiting our arms from straightening out, then we will very likely decelerate into impact and the clubface cannot square itself up. Longer length does not mean farther distance!

How far should you hit a 7 iron?

How to Know Which Golf Club to Use

Club Men’s Average Distance Women’s Average Distance
4- iron 170 yards 150 yards (consider a hybrid, instead)
5- iron 160 yards 140 yards
6- iron 150 yards 130 yards
7 – iron 140 yards 120 yards
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How far does Tiger Woods hit a 7 iron?

Tiger Woods Can Hit A 7 Iron A Long Way, But How Far Can He Hit It? Ans: Tiger drives his driver an average of 285 yards with carrying. His long irons (two to four iron ) cover a distance of 250 to 200 yards. The distance of his middle irons (5, 6, 7 ) is 208 to 172 yards.

What length are DeChambeau’s clubs?

Why Bryson DeChambeau’s clubs are all 37.5 inches long.

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