Often asked: Who Manufactures Mizuno Golf Clubs?

Often asked: Who Manufactures Mizuno Golf Clubs?

Where are Mizuno irons manufactured?

North American custom golf equipment is assembled at Mizuno’s facility, in Braselton, Georgia. This ensures the quickest possible service within the States and beyond, whilst maintaining strict quality control.

Are all Mizuno clubs made in Japan?

While some product development is carried out in Mizuno US, Atlanta, most is still done in Osaka Head office, Japan. It is the place where the major decision – from determining of the world, to deciding what number to give the latest prototype model, which affects the future of Mizuno golf are taken.

Is Mizuno a good golf brand?

Best overall Mizuno has long been one of the leading manufacturers of blade-style irons, which give experienced players the feel and control they need from their irons. And the MP-20 irons are the company’s best set of irons yet.

Where are Mizuno irons forged?

In 1968, Mizuno moved the production of its forged irons to the Chuo plant in Hiroshima – on the west coast of Japan. Still made in the same exclusive plant today, the partnership has allowed Mizuno to evolve and perfect its forging expertise over many years.

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Are Mizuno irons made in China?

Mizuno irons – made in Japan or China – Japanese and Non-US – GolfWRX.

What does JPX stand for Mizuno?

Mizuno JPX921 Forged iron The headline grabber in the new range, this is the first full-body forged chromoly steel iron. The new 4120 material means less ball speed leakage over the 919 Forged iron.

Are there any golf clubs not made in China?

I have been investigating those clubs that are still made in USA or Japan, and not China /Thailand/Taiwan. From my research, the only mass produced irons that are made in USA are Exotics by Tour Edge and PING. Mizuno and Bridgestone are both still made in Japan. Callaway, Titleist, Srixon, TaylorMade all made in China.

What are the best Mizuno irons ever made?

Here, we take a look at our top five Mizuno irons of all time.

  • Mizuno TN-87. The Mizuno TN-87 irons are seen as one of the best iron sets that Mizuno has ever produced.
  • Mizuno MP-20. This has been described before as the ultimate Mizuno muscleback.
  • Mizuno JPX921 Tour.
  • Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal.
  • Mizuno MP-32.

Why are Mizuno irons so good?

Although Mizuno is best known for producing classic, players’ irons, offering superb levels of feel and workability, they also produce models to suit golfers with higher handicaps – irons delivering impressive distance and also offering high levels of forgiveness.

Are Mizuno irons hard to hit?

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons More often than not long irons can be very hard to hit consistently solid and out of the middle of the clubface on a regular basis.

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What are best golf clubs for an average golfer?

Here are the 3 best irons for average golfers:

  • Taylormade M6 ( best overall iron set )
  • Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo (most forgiving iron set )
  • Cleveland Launcher CBX ( best budget-friendly iron set )

What kind of clubs does Tiger Woods use?

At the moment Tiger’s three-wood has just changed from a TaylorMade M5, to a TaylorMade SIM, whilst his five-wood is a TaylorMade M3. Woods also occasionally carries a 2-iron. The model he goes for at the moment is a brand new P790 UDI option from TaylorMade.

What Mizuno irons should I buy?

Best Mizuno Irons 2020

  • Which Mizuno golf iron is best for you?
  • Mizuno MP-20 MB iron.
  • Mizuno MP-20 MMC golf irons.
  • Mizuno MP-20 HMB golf irons.
  • Mizuno JPX921 Tour iron.
  • Mizuno JPX921 Forged iron.
  • Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal iron.
  • Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro golf irons.

Are Mizuno golf clubs cheaper in Japan?

1. Mizuno. The Mizuno irons are expensive, but in terms of quality, they are in line with many of the other typical golf manufacturers like TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway. The other Japanese brands tend to be priced much higher than Mizuno.

Who swings Mizuno irons on tour?

Chris Kirk joins professional golf roster and Eddie Pepperell, Luke Donald, Lucas Glover, and Oliver Fisher extend Mizuno deals. Despite reaping a number of non-contracted tour wins and majors by players using Mizuno irons in 2017 and 2018, Mizuno is keen to balance that in 2019 with an official pool of players.

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