Often asked: How Do I Pay For Pxg Golf Clubs?

Often asked: How Do I Pay For Pxg Golf Clubs?

How much is a full set of Pxg golf clubs?

At $650 per iron, it adds up to more than $4,500 for a seven- club set. The original PXG 0311 irons, GEN1, were priced at $350 when they were first released, while the GEN2 line of that model runs $400 per club.

Does Pxg do financing?

YAM Capital is partnering with Parsons Xtreme Golf ( PXG ) to offer a new and exciting incentive program. Each broker that originates new financing business through YAM Capital that results in funding by YAM Capital of at least $10M will reach the “Club YAM incentive goal”.

How do I order Pxg in Canada?

Buy Your Product(S) From the Pxg Online Store They’ll wait for everything to arrive, combine them into one large shipment, and send it on its way! Thanks to these services, you’re able to purchase from online stores as if you were a U.S. citizen and get them shipped all the way to Canada with no hassle!

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Where can I buy Pxg irons?

Let our PXG Fitting Specialists “dial in” your PXG equipment at a course or store near you.

  • All About Golf.
  • Club Champion – Scottsdale.
  • Hornacek’s Golf – Chandler Location.
  • Hot Stix.
  • The Tour Van, LLC – Marana.
  • True Spec.
  • Cool Clubs Scottsdale.
  • Hornacek’s Golf.

Why are Pxg clubs so expensive?

PXG says its clubs are expensive because of the company’s approach to research and development, its engineering processes and commitment to using high-performance materials.

Are Pxg golf clubs any good?

Verdict: PXG 0311 XP Gen3 irons That means great consistency on the course, which is just what most club golfers need. Our test pro was really impressed with the sound and feel, which are outstanding for the mid-handicap iron category.

Do any pros use Pxg clubs?

The professional golfers joining current PXG staffers Scott Langley and Grant Hirschman include: Kevin Dougherty. Nicolas Echavarria. KK Limbhaust.

Which Pxg irons are most forgiving?

PXG 0311 XF GEN2 Golf Irons offer extreme forgiveness with a superior feel, while maintaining the sleek look of a blade. Exceptionally easy to hit, 0311 XF GEN2 Irons are best suited for golfers looking for extreme forgiveness with good workability.

How much does a Pxg fitting cost?

A fitting fee of $50 will be collected from your local PXG representative prior to your scheduled fitting. Click here to learn more about our COVID-19 Fitting Safety Protocol.

How long do Pxg orders take?

How long does my order take to ship? Typically orders will ship in 2-3 working days based on availability of the product(s) and the volume of orders our team is handling at the time of your order.

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How long does it take to get Pxg?

Our build and ship time is roughly seven to ten days. 1-844-PLAY- PXG can set up your fitting and give the most up to date timeframes.

Does Pxg do free shipping?

Absolutely, It supports free shipping codes. Its free shipping codes are verifying at pxg.com, and are published at hotdeals.com by us.

Are Pxg 0211 irons worth it?

While raw power is wonderful, I was most impressed by the forgiveness in the 0211 irons. These clubs look good, particularly through the mid and short irons, but they have the consistent performance of much larger irons. I particularly like that this much forgiveness is packed into a set without huge offset.

Are Pxg the best irons?

They’re as good as anything on the market, but you can get the same level of performance at a lower price. But, oh, those irons. Over the past five years, I’ve had the chance to play with dozens of different irons from nearly every golf manufacturer, and the PXG irons are the best I’ve used.

Do Pxg irons go further?

You can see that my worst shots with the PXG irons were still going much further than my current set while remaining on the target line. That is a huge advantage on the golf course. If I can have an 8- iron in my hands rather than a 7- iron, I will hit more greens on average over time.

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