How Do You Sell Clubs On Wgt Golf?

How Do You Sell Clubs On Wgt Golf?

How do you sell clubs on WGT app?

To sell your clubs, select your profile photo in the top right of the main menu then select EDIT EQUIPMENT. At the bottom of the Equipment box is SELL CLUBS. Choose this option to sell items back to the proshop.

Can you cheat on WGT Golf?

Chances are some people have come up with cheats for WGT. Although cheating does sometimes happen on World Golf Tour, it does not affect the game in a big way.

Does WGT Golf cost money?

WGT is free to play, however, if you really want to compete and shoot low scores you need to upgrade your basic equipment. This means purchasing clubs, balls even avatars. To do this you will need credits. You have the option of purchasing credits, 100 credits will cost you $1.

How do you leave a country club on WGT Golf?

To leave:

  1. Ask your owner – as you did.
  2. Find the ” Quit ” button on the CC’s homepage,
  3. Apply to another CC. If you are accepted, it changes. But, many owners will ask you to be CC-free before accepting you.

How do you forfeit in WGT Golf?

Another option to forfeit is given at the screen where you are brought back to when the 5 minute timers are running. At the bottom left, you also have an option to forfeit.

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How do you get free clubs on WGT?

You can earn free WGT credits. To do this, you simply have to take part in surveys or offers. First of all, the surveys. Currently, there are seven surveys you can take part in.

Is WGT Golf free?

WGT is a rewarding game that is easy to start and hard to master. WGT Golf Mobile requires a fast internet connection. Game is free to play with option to purchase credits to upgrade equipment or compete in challenges to earn credits. World Golf Tour players can use their existing accounts and virtual golf equipment.

Is WGT Golf Safe?

WGT Golf app is an absolute scam. They do all they can to con you out of money.

How do you progress in WGT Golf?


  1. you need to play at least 5 ranked rounds as Hack before reaching Amateur.
  2. you need to play at least 10 ranked rounds as Amateur before reaching Pro.
  3. you need to play at least 20 ranked rounds as Pro before reaching Tour pro.
  4. you need to play at least 25 ranked rounds as Tour pro before reaching Master.

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