FAQ: Which Convertibles Will Hold 2 Sets Of Golf Clubs In Its Trunk?

FAQ: Which Convertibles Will Hold 2 Sets Of Golf Clubs In Its Trunk?

Will golf clubs fit in a Mustang convertible?

While you will not be able to fit a lot of luggage in the trunk at the same time, a Ford Mustang can hold up to 2 standard size golf club bags. Not that while your golf clubs are in the trunk you won’t be able to squeeze much luggage back there.

Which convertible has the biggest trunk?

Outfitted with 8.8 cubic feet of trunk space, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class offers solid cargo capacity for a convertible that earns high marks across the board for passenger comfort.

Will golf clubs fit in an Audi TT convertible?

yes.. golf clubs fit as long as you pull the woods out. the woods will fit also, just not while in the bag.

Can you fit golf clubs in a BMW 2 Series convertible?

Yes. You will probably need to pull the woods out of the bag though. I golf every weekend so yes they fit Just have to remove only the driver when putting in the golf bag first, then you can put the driver in, lay it on top of the bag.

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Can you fit 4 adults in a Mustang convertible?

A Ford Mustang will be a tight squeeze for four adults with luggage.

What sports cars can fit golf clubs?

Best cars for golf clubs

  • Honda Jazz.
  • Kia Optima.
  • Mini Clubman.
  • Volkswagen Passat Estate.
  • Jaguar E-Pace.
  • Mercedes E-Class Estate.
  • Jaguar F-Type.
  • BMW Z4.

What is the roomiest convertible?

1) Ford Mustang Convertible As long as you don’t need to carry more than one passenger the Mustang has plenty of room and tops our list of the convertibles with the most legroom.

What is the best 4 seater convertible?

Best four- seat convertibles

  • Audi A5 Cabriolet.
  • BMW 4 Series Convertble.
  • Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet.
  • Range Rover Evoque Convertible.
  • Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet.
  • Ford Mustang.

Are there any 4 door convertibles?

Although the choices aren’t plentiful, there are some 4 – door convertibles that fit the bill, although you may have wait for them to (hopefully,) be produced, or buy one that’s decades old (say, a vintage late 1960s Lincoln Continental convertible ).

Can you fit golf clubs in Jaguar F-Type Convertible?

Yes they fit but you have to take out any longer clubs, for me the driver and 3 wood, and put them in seperately after the bag.

How much trunk space do you need for golf clubs?

First and foremost, the coupe in question has to have enough trunk space to carry at least one golf bag, assuming an average golf bag size of 36 inches by 14 inches by 10 inches, or 3 cubic feet, give or take.

Can you fit golf clubs in a BMW 4 Series Convertible?

The 2017 BMW 4 Series Convertible will have the toughest time fitting golf clubs in the trunk. While golf clubs would not fit in the standard trunk space they just might fit if you have the rear seats folded down and have a bag with a small enough diameter. The Coupe and Gran Coupe are both likely to fit your clubs.

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Can you fit golf clubs in a Camaro?

Golf Clubs & Trunk – Camaro5 Chevy Camaro Forum / Camaro ZL1, SS and V6 Forums – Camaro5.com. You can fit them no problem.

Can you fit golf clubs in a BMW 3 Series convertible?

Yes you can If you have a normal carry bag you can even have roof down.

Can you fit golf clubs in a Mercedes SL?

There’s even cargo space behind the seats via two sizable containers to hold more knickknacks. You can fit a golf bag in the trunk with the top up, although it may (depending on size) need to be a front seat passenger when driving sans top.

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