FAQ: How Much Are Kids Golf Clubs?

FAQ: How Much Are Kids Golf Clubs?

How much do golf clubs cost for kids?

Uskidsgolf.com offers sets for kids beginning at around $100. Clubs begin at 27 inches long and, if bought individually, range from $12-$20. A beginner’s set starts at $99.95, and features a set of six UL-24 (Ultra-Light) clubs with composite shafts (driver, four hybrid, nine iron, sand wedge, putter and golf bag).

What age are junior golf clubs for?

Junior clubs are specially designed equipment that is more flexible, lighter in weight and more lofted to help young golfers find success out on the golf course. What ages are junior golf clubs for? Golf clubs are available from size zero ( age 3) all the way through a golfer’s teenage years ( age 17).

What are the best golf clubs for a 12 year old?

  • Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set.
  • Wilson Profile JGI Golf Club Set.
  • Tour Edge HL-J Complete Golf Club Set.
  • Wilson Deep Red Junior Complete Golf Club Set.
  • Ram Golf G-Force Junior Set.
  • Callaway XJ Junior Golf Club Set.
  • Precise XD-J Junior Golf Club Set.
  • Confidence Junior Golf Club Set.
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Do they make golf clubs for kids?

Most junior golf clubs today are made with the child’s height and weight in mind, and they are very affordable, as well. They are more lofted to give your child a better opportunity to get the ball airborne. They weigh less, which makes it easier for younger golfers to control the clubs.

Does Walmart sell golf clubs?

Golf Clubs | Complete Sets – Walmart.com.

What height are junior golf clubs for?

The general rule is that until they are 60 inches tall, they’ll be fine with a set of junior clubs from a good manufacturer. After they reach 5 feet, experienced junior players really benefit from having each club fit for their game. The weight of the golf club is also very important to junior golfers.

What size golf clubs should a 10 year old use?

Therefore, a driver, a hybrid — which makes it easier to get the ball in the air — a 7-iron, a wedge and a putter are a perfect set. It makes sense to have 12-14 clubs only when a kid becomes 10 years old, can swing harder and sees a distance gap that’s larger than five yards between clubs.”

How do I know if my golf clubs are the right size?

Clubs are matched to your height and the distance between your hands and the ground. To find the right size clubs for your body, use recent height measurement to determine the proper angle for your clubs. It usually helps to have another person measure, so you get the most accurate measurements possible.

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Can a 3 year old play golf?

3 to 5- year – olds ​Children between the ages of three to five should be allowed to use golf freely as a form of play and fun. It’s important that this age group not be given too much technical instruction. If you push, they may lose interest. You should provide them with the right size club and show them how to hold it.

What golf clubs should kids start with?

Key Takeaways for Buying Kids Golf Club Sets The number of clubs in sets varies significantly. Juniors trying out golf for the first time might be fine with just three clubs. In fact we recommend that very young juniors start with just a putter and a pitching wedge (or similar high lofted iron such as a 9 or 8 iron).

What size golf clubs should a five year old use?

For example, a common chart for club makers and club fitters says that if your child is 3 feet tall, he should use a wood that is 26 1/2 to 27 1/2 inches long, a 5 -iron that is 22 to 23 inches long and a 9-iron or pitching wedge that is 21 to 22 inches long.

What golf clubs should a 13 year old use?

They have several sets of clubs aimed and successful in the teenage and junior golf market of which we will review two sets here.

  1. Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set.
  2. Callaway XT-10 Piece Teen Golf Set.
  3. Ping i210.
  4. Ping G400 irons.
  5. Ping i500 Irons.
  6. TaylorMade P790 Irons.
  7. TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons.
  8. TaylorMade M3 and M4 Irons.
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What age is appropriate for first golf clubs?

The company developed golf clubs for kids 18-months to three-years old and markets them to parents. The company states kids need to learn golf early as it will make them players and fans of the sport for life. It is an interesting concept as many children begin playing other sports, in some way, from early ages.

What is the smallest golf clubs for kids?

The USKids Yard Club RS39 (i.e. Right Start, 39 inch height) is the lightest and most flexible club that U.S. Kids Golf offers.

Can toddlers play golf?

Kids can be exposed to the game of golf as early as 2 years old. Research shows those starting early are more likely to play golf as adults. Formal instruction is generally better from school age (5-6) when longer attention spans enable kids to better learn the rules and risks associated with golf.

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