FAQ: How High Do Clubs Upgrade On Golf Rivals?

FAQ: How High Do Clubs Upgrade On Golf Rivals?

What is the max club level in golf rival?

The max level of wolf clubs is 20. When upgraded to a higher level, all properties of wolf clubs can reach the max value of the system.

What is the fastest way to upgrade clubs in golf rivals?

Play in stages higher than the stage with the club you want. We recommend you play in your highest stage for better chests. 2. Play the Tournament for chests that contain cards and more coins.

What are the best clubs to upgrade in golf rival?

Best Drivers

  • Cardinals is a great alternative to Phoenix, and it’s found in stage 6.
  • Unicorn is the best iron that can be found in stage 10.
  • Peacock comes is also a fantastic iron and can be found as early as stage 5.
  • Related | Golf Rival Wind Chart.
  • Hawk is one of the best wedges and can be found in stage 7.
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How do you get more clubs on golf rivals?

How can I unlock a new club?

  1. Chests can contain club cards. Purchase chests by using diamonds in the store.
  2. Complete missions to complete quests and open Pin chests.
  3. Win matches in regular/tournament/arena mode to get chests as rewards.
  4. Get chests from daily deals.
  5. You can also purchase club cards directly in daily deals.

Are Wolf clubs worth it?

Wolf clubs are enticing when you’re starting out, because you can easily get a set of pretty good clubs fairly quickly. However, long term the legendary clubs are better and cheaper to get than wolf clubs. The biggest factor with the legendary clubs that will always beat wolf clubs is the buffs.

How many club levels are there in golf rivals?

Clubs: NEW! Provides an overview of the 58 clubs in Golf Rival, and a beginner’s guide to how to get club cards.

How do you get free balls on golf rivals?

Chests in the arena store have club cards and you can purchase them with badges. 5. Participate in activities on our fan page and you may find an opportunity to get free balls!

What are the legendary cards in golf rival?

Upgrade your gameplay using wind rings, crosshair, and your guideline. Legendary clubs – Bat wings, Whale – multiple levels and stages unlocked: BW3, BW4, BW5, BW6, BW8. For all users – android, iPhone, iOS. Win rewards and increase your gems, and coins thru chests.

What are the best clubs in golf clash?

Best Club of Each Type in Golf Clash

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Club Type Club Name Club Level
Driver The Apocalypse 7
Wood The Cataclysm 7
Long Iron The B52 7
Short Iron The Hornet 8


How do you unlock legendary clubs in golf rivals?

How do I get a Legendary Card?

  1. Daily Deals. Sometimes there will be legendary cards in the daily deal slots, which means they can be purchased with fewer coins or diamonds (1600 diamonds) than normal.
  2. Tournaments.
  3. The Quest.

What do the numbers mean on golf rival?

The first value ranges from -3 to 3. At -3~-1, this value increases the ball’s “Stop” ability. The lower the value is, the better the “Stop” ability will be. Namely, a ball with this value at -3 will stop rolling faster than a ball with this value at -2. At 1~3, this value increases the ball’s “Jump” ability.

Does Golf rival have bots?

Doug Shartzer recommends Disc Golf Rival. Fun game. This is either a hack or the producers of this game have bots that beat you when you are doing well in order to knock good players down a bit.

How do you get the bat wing club in golf rivals?

How do I get the bat wing club? – Golf Rival Answers for Win the final stage of tournament to unlock the bat wing, peacock clubs ect. They come from legendary chests, which is what you get when you finish the tournament in …

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